The Good Life

Tthe-good-lifehe Good Life
By Trip Lee

Nicer car, bigger house, whatever your heart desires.  Everybody wants to live The Good Life.  But what happens when dreams become nightmares and the promise of freedom leads to a life of imprisonment?  What happens when you discover that all that’s gold loses its glitter?  Maybe the rich and famous aren’t living The Good Life.  Maybe our dreams are rooted in lies.  And maybe, just maybe those who have less really have more.  What is The Good Life… really?

In this book, titled after his acclaimed fourth album, The Good Life, Christian rap artist and author, Trip Lee, unveils what the world, the flesh and the devil promote as the ultimate and most satisfying life.  He then explains what The Good Life really is: a life within our reach and yet beyond anything this world has to offer.  Imagine: The Good Life.

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