The Grace of God

the-grace-of-godThe Grace of God
by Andy Stanley

The gift we don’t deserve.  The love we can’t believe.

“ Grace.  It’s what we crave most when our guilt is exposed.  It’s the very thing we are hesitant to extend when we are confronted with the guilt of others – especially when their guilt has robbed us of something we consider valuable.

Therein is the struggle, the struggle for grace.  It’s this struggle that makes grace more story than doctrine.  It’s the struggle that reminds us that grace is bigger than compassion or forgiveness.  That struggle is the context for both.  When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing.  When it is required of us, it is often disturbing.  But when correctly applied, it seems to solve just about everything.  This struggle is not new; it has been going on since the beginning.”

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