The Grave Robber (Student Edition)

the-grave-robber-student-editionThe Grave Robber (Student Edition)
By Mark Batterson & Parker Batterson

Do we believe that God still does miracles?  Considering how difficult it is for many of us adults to trust in the miraculous power of God, how much more difficult can it be for a young person in the midst of struggles about identity and purpose in life?

With the help of his son Parker, bestselling author Mark Batterson now brings the exciting message of a God who longs to do miracles in our lives to a teen audience.  Together they show young readers that God is intimately involved in their lives and wants them to experience the miraculous.  With poignant examples from the lives of real teens, The Grave Robber, Student Edition brings to life not only the seven miracles from John’s Gospel but the countless miracles we witness every day – if only we have eyes to see.

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