The Miracles Answer Book

The Miracles Answer Book
By Lee Strobel with Mark Mittelberg

Is God still in the miracle business today?

This is the question Lee Strobel asked himself.  A former atheist turned Christian, Lee launched a two-year investigation into the supernatural.  The results will amaze you and strengthen your faith as you discover surprising truths.  Using the popular question-and-answer format, Lee will lead you on a voyage of discovery and discernment as he takes on tough questions such as:

  • Can you explain the difference between a divine miracle and an ordinary coincidence?
  • Aren’t there a lot of fake miracles?
  • Haven’t studies proven that prayer doesn’t make any difference?

Why is it important to know God acted in history?  It’s so you’ll know He is able to continue to work today – in our world and in your life.  The Miracles Answer Book will provide you with a more profound sense of the lengths that God will go to strengthen the faith of His people.

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