The Organized Heart

the-organized-heartThe Organized Heart
By Stacin Eastin

Disorganized?  You don’t need more rules, the latest technique, or a new gadget.  The fight against chaos is universal, whether it be the outward chaos of disorder and frenzy or the inward chaos of fear and self-criticism.  Even if we already know how to do better, something falls apart between our good intentions and getting it done.

Most books on organization just add more rules to your life, whether it be another plan, another calendar, or another method.  This book will show you a different, better way that is grounded in the grace of God.  The Organized Heart focuses on four areas of common difficulty for women: Perfectionism, Busyness, Possessions, and Leisure.  Jesus taught that true change doesn’t come by the addition of more rules, but from the inside out, with a change of the heart that only the gospel can bring.  When you identify the heart problems behind the chaos in your life, lasting change can happen.  This will not only reduce the stress in your life, but help you be more effective in your service to God.

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