The Spiritual Life of a Leader

The Spiritual Life of a Leader : A God-Centered Leadership Style
By Boyd Bailey

The Best Leaders Rely on God

No matter where you lead, the qualities that make a great leader are the you should be humble, selfless, honest, collaborative, and teachable.  Most of all, you should recognize Jesus as the gold standard of leadership and make your relationship with God your top priority.   

In The Spiritual Life of a Leader, bestselling author Boyd Bailey will help you develop the habits and goals of an effective leader.  As you orient your heart toward serving God, you’ll grow in your ability to bear spiritual fruit in your workplace, serve your colleagues, and raise up other leaders.

Learn how you can…  Get ready to grow as a leader and a follower of Christ.  The Spiritual Life of a Leader will help you adopt God’s priorities as your own and enable you to shine for Him as you follow Jesus’ footsteps.

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