The Ultimate Bible Trivia, Puzzles, & Facts

The Ultimate Bible Trivia, Puzzles, & Facts
Thomas Nelson

Christians often struggle to feel familiar with their Bibles, recalling only well-known texts and characters rather than the whole story of the God they follow.  But learning and reviewing facts about Bible characters, Bible history, and more can be a lighthearted, engaging endeavor.  This collection of games and puzzles helps learners gain Bible knowledge through fun activities for small groups or individuals looking to continue learning and remembering a broad range of Bible facts.

The Ultimate Collection of Bible Trivia, Puzzles, and Facts uses the following tools to present Bible facts and Bible history in a fun and challenging way:

•  humorous questions
•  attention-grabbing quizzes
•  comical illustrations
•  word searches
•  funny fill-in-the blank stories
•  topics such as angels, famous people, and miracles
•  crossword puzzles
•  word scrambles
•  and much more

Gaining Bib

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