This Is The Life!

this-is-the-lifeThis Is The Life!
By Warren W. Wiersbe

You have received an inheritance of joy, peace, and grace – so live like it!

When we are redeemed by Christ, we are given new life.  A life of pervading joy, persistent grace, and promises kept.  Yet we so often live as if we must trudge on day by day, just getting by until we reach a heavenly reward.  We let the things of this world determine our outlook, attitude, and actions.  

But God has promised so much more – and He always keeps His promises.

In This Is the Life!  Warren W. Wiersbe shows that the way to joy is through cultivating a close relationship with God and obeying His Word, calling us to enjoy all the blessings and privileges of a life of faith – right now.  He helps us confront the habits that bind us, the negative attitudes that control us, the people who bother us, the needs that depress us, and the challenges that frighten us – showing how they can all be handled by God, if we will let Him have His way.

If you’re ready to start living the full, joyful, peace-filled life you’ve always wanted, let this encouraging book be your guide.

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