Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul

UprisingUprising: A Revolution of the Soul
by Erwin Raphael McManus

You were in God’s imagination before you were ever born. All the talent, gifting, and creativity you possess was placed in you by God Himself.  Can you imagine the things you could do, the impact you could have on the world, if you tapped into the dreams God has for your life?

In Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul, Erwin Raphael McManus boldly invites you to join the revolution.  He illuminates the desperate heart cry of every human being – “I want to live!” – and then serves as a guide on a quest to answer that cry.  Find your true purpose and destiny in the pursuit of the passion and character of God.  Be a part of a revolution that changes a life of imitation and mediocrity into one of passion and character… a radical revolt that will forever change the world!

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