By Craig Groeschel

Wondering what Craig Groeschel‘s book Weird is about?  Looking for reasons to read it?  Are you thinking that some quotes might help convince you?  Check these out!

  • It’s time to create a margin in which you not only focus on your true priorities but also simply breathe and begin to enjoy life again. 
  • You have to start saying no to good things so you’ll be able to say yes to the best things.
  • Marriage requires serving the one you love with the selfless love of Christ.  This includes acts of service, and working together, even when it’s not easy or convenient.
  • To have your kids end up somewhere on purpose, start with the destination in mind.
  • We live aware of God moment by moment.  He is not a part of our lives; God is our life.
  • Is what I’m doing, is what I’m looking at, is what I’m thinking, honoring God?
  • Your body isn’t meant for porneia.  It’s meant for the Lord.
  • The things that make us sad, the things that make us righteously angry, or the things we care about that others don’t are often a key that unlocks our reason for living.  It’s our burden.
  • If we want to be better than normal we must move from good intentions to what I call God intentions.
  • Weird people focus on just one God-given objective with tremendous results.


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