Where Human Rights & Biblical Justice Meet

Where Human Rights & Biblical Justice Meet
Edited by Steve Bradbury

“These nine essays challenge our understanding of the Bible and compel us to rethink how theology should be applied in the context of the human condition.  They confront the reality of everyday life, from the status of patriarchy, gender equality and egalitarianism, to mobility and employment, human trafficking and modern day slavery, to social security, land rights and the displacement of the urban poor, to community participation in decision-making and development, and to the appropriate origins, foundations and norms in the advocacy for and promotion of human rights values.

In the quest to speak truth to power, what should be the proper role of Christian counter-culture in the engagement amongst Scripture, human rights, justice, fairness and political systems?  21Be prepared for an upending of conventional views, an upsetting of traditional values, and an unseating from our comfort zones.”

Andrew Khoo
Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in Malaysia,
Co-Chair Human Rights Committee, Bar Council of Malaysia, 2011–2018

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