Why Not Today

Why Not Today
by Matthew Cork & Kenneth Kemp

Three hundred million – that’s the number of people subjected to slavery, sex-trafficking, discrimination, and unspeakable poverty in India.  That’s the same number of people as live in the entire United States.  They are the Dalit people, the untouchables.

When Matthew Cork, a California pastor, first encountered the Dalits he was shaken to his core.  He learned that Gandhi’s success at bringing about freedom did not extend to freeing the Dalits from the bondage of the Caste system that has oppressed them for centuries.  Cork was moved to commit his church to partner with The Dalit Freedom Network to build 200 schools over ten years, a commitment of over 20 million dollars.  And they are doing it.  The movement has gained such momentum that a dramatic, feature-length film, Not Today (Nottodaythemovie.com) is being produced and promoted by the same group that did so for Courageous, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof.

This book tells story of the Dalit people and the rising efforts to set them free, in both soul and society.  It is a story of both brokenness and hope, of oppression and freedom.  It calls the reader to join in the movement to freedom and restoration.  The Dalits need your help.  Why not start today?

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