Wind Blows Wherever it Pleases

wind-blows-wherever-it-pleasesWind Blows Wherever it Pleases
By Henry Kendal

Wind Blows Wherever It Pleases is a lively account of the life of the Spirit, rich in stories but also mature in its dealing with scripture, it is both evangelical and charismatic in its approach.  Many people know God personally and occasionally stop to ask, ‘Is there more than this?’ but then they move on hurriedly, fearful that the answer might be ‘no’.  Yet Henry Kendal affirms that the true answer is ‘yes’, for God invites us onto the roller-coaster journey of faith.  In this gentle but thought-provoking introduction to the life of the Spirit, Henry shows us how the Lord invites us to a dance of faith that will set us whirling through this life and the next.

Henry Kendal is the vicar of St Barnabas, North London, a large evangelical charismatic Anglican church which is part of the New Wine Network of churches.  Henry is married to Jane and they have three adult children

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