Yes, No, & Maybe

Yes, No, & Maybe : Living With The God of Immeasurably More
By Wendy Pope

Family. Home. Work. Church. It’s good, but is it as good as it gets? Find more at the intersection of God’s Word and our obedience to it.

For many women, life can be full with family needs, home duties, work obligations, and church service. Does it feel like you’re doing everything you should be doing, yet something’s still missing? Does it feel like there should be more? 

In Yes, No, & Maybe, Proverbs 31 speaker and author Wendy Pope shares how women can find the God of “immeasurably more” at the intersection of the Bible and their obedience to it. Through reading this book, women will
• Hear truths from God about what’s missing in their lives, even if they are tough messages
• Learn how to trust God to reveal what’s missing in their lives
• Develop the discipline to be close to God and hear His guidance

As a Bible study teacher, Wendy will walk women through her own journey and the power that she found through truly studying the Bible. She teaches readers how to say “yes” to God and “no” to self and to embrace the freedom of “maybe” that comes as a result of honing and filtering the commitments and priorities of life. This book is for any woman interested in
• Finding a meaningful way to study the Bible
• Letting the Holy Spirit work in their lives
• Learning to polish parts of themselves to better reflect God

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