Leadership or Servanthood

Leadership or Servanthood?
By Hwa Yung

The world is obsessed with leaders: identifying them, training them, becoming them. Even in the church, this preoccupation is all-too apparent.  Jesus, however, is not interested in developing leaders.  Rather, he is interested in the formation of servants.

In this powerful reflection on leadership and servanthood, Dr. Hwa Yung addresses the overemphasis on leadership development within More

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Exploring Reality

Exploring Reality
By John Polkinghorne

Reality is multi-layered, asserts the Reverend John Polkinghorne, and in this insightful book he explores various dimensions of the human encounter with reality.  Through a well-reasoned and logical process, Polkinghorne argues that reality consists not only of the scientific processes of the natural world but also the personal dimension of human nature and its significance.  He offers an integrated view of reality, encompassing a range of insights deriving from More

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Evolution : A Fairy Tale for Grownups
By Ray Comfort

Evolution: A Fairy Tale for Grownups, 101 questions to shake believers’ blind faith in the theory.  Well known evolutionists reveal in their words the unscientific nature of that in which they have so blindly put their faith.  After reading this book, the reader well be in the position to make a well–informed decision about the widely accepted, however poorly proven, theory of evolution.


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作者: 許宏度


有時人們會將新約聖經當作一本歷史書來研讀,有時是當作文學教材來研究,本書則是從神學角度切入,使用議題式的方式深入淺出地探討新約的每卷書卷(除了約翰貳書、參書以外)。 More

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《為愛做點傻事》 :在心很累的世界,重新發現愛的美好
Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People
作者: 鮑伯.戈夫   (Bob Goff)


會不會搞得一團亂、內心掙扎又不舒服,甚至因為受挫想打退堂鼓? More

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Against The Tide

Against The Tide
(The Unforgettable Story of Watchman Nee)
By Angus Kinnear

With millions of books sold, studied and translated, Watchman Nee strongly influenced modern Christian thinking.  A dedicated evangelist and gifted Bible teacher, Nee stood against the tide of Chinese Marxist atheism and Communism, and was imprisoned for his faith. In this revised edition of Nee s biography, read about his extraordinary life and let it inspire you to a new level of faith and commitment.

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A Biography of John Sung

A Biography of John Sung
By Leslie T Lyall

Dr John Sung, ‘the greatest evangelist China has ever known’, was born in Fukien in 1901 and by the time he died at the age of 42, tens of thousands had come to Christ, and many more Christians and churches had experienced incredible revival because of him.  His ministry was just 15 years, but produced fruit that have lasted to this day.  What was the secret of his success, and how did he come to be used so powerfully by God?  More

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《成為分辨者》 :從神來的洞見與察驗之道     The Discerner
作者:吉姆.歌珥   (James W. Goll)


7位極具影響力牧者 眾口同聲推薦

撒但的頭號武器是迷惑  More

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作者: 劉曉亭


  • 這麼神! 聖經66卷書,是由四十多位不同時代的作者,貫穿一千五百多年組合而寫成的。
  • 神救援! 聖經真正的名字是「新舊約全書」,是上帝跟人之間的契約,是一份稱為「救恩」的約。
  • 神邏輯! 上帝要人讀聖經只有一個目的,就是「讓人認識祂」。

讓劉三牧師一次滿足你心中對聖經的好奇  More

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James For You

James For You
By Sam Allberry

What is the difference between genuine faith and counterfeit faith?  How do we know for sure that our faith is real?  How can we know joy even in trials, and patience even in suffering?

James is a book full of practical, life-changing help for real life.  James For You makes clear its teaching and applies its challenges to the experiences of everyday Christians as Sam Allberry brings his clarity, More

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By Priscilla Shirer

Old Testament heroes are best known for their most celebrated moments: Moses dividing the Red Sea; David slaying Goliath; Gideon routing an insurmountable army; Joshua marching around the defiant walls of Jericho.

And Elijah — calling down fire on Mount Carmel.  More

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《天國演說家》 : 從言說行動理論看路加福音
Doing Gospel with Stories: A New Narrative-Rhetorical Commentary of Luke
作者: 曾思瀚 (Sam Tsang)


本書的故事可以追溯到二十世紀上半葉的英國。那是一個哲學界百花齊放的時代。維根斯坦正值盛年,在劍橋大學雄姿英發,坐享語言哲學大師的威名。與他分庭抗禮的,是牛津大學一個叫奧斯丁的小伙子。當時,邏輯實證主義在學界橫行,炮轟許多日常對話「語意不清」、 More

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