2016 Mar Promos


Hidden In Plain Sight
By Boyd Seevers

Discover nuggets of truth hidden in the lesser-known parts of the Bible.  Christians who attempt to read the entire Bible often get stuck when they come to the genealogies, lists of numbers, and confusing prophecies.  They wonder, Do I have to read the whole thing?  Trusted Bible scholar Boyd Seevers shows how to appreciate and even enjoy those difficult passages. He gives examples of the hidden treasures in some of the lesser-known sections of the Bible and then shows readers how to unlock difficult passages on their own.  This book will reveal why God included these parts, breathe new life into Bible reading, and help readers connect to God in new ways.



A Radical Faith
Essentials For Spirit-Filled Believers
By James W. Goll

Just as all strong towers are built on firm foundations so it is with our faith.  Whether you are a veteran spiritual warrior or new believer this comprehensive guide lays out the biblical fundamentals that establish the bedrock of belief for every mature Christian.  With its companion study guide this handbook will help you build an indestructible foundation of radical faith.